His Vision

“Heaven help the black man if he struggles one more day
Heaven help the white man if he turns his back away
Heaven help the man who kicks the man who has to crawl
Heaven help us all”
Ron Miller

Ron wrote about hope and change. He dreamt of equality, peace and a brighter day for all. His lyrics are timeless and in many ways, even more profound today.

A letter he wrote to his granddaughter on the day she was born, Angelique, who was born with numerous disabilities, reflects his wisdom, courage, strength, hope and optimism.

(From the Personal Miller Archives)

May 11, 1994

To My Granddaughter,

Welcome to the planet life. Your Mommy & Daddy have created something very special and wonderful – you. They had a lot of help from God, and an unexplainable force called Love.

Love is everywhere around you and the one thing that will bring the most happiness to your life.

As the days go by, you will see and hear things that will sometimes make you believe this isn’t true. What you must always remember my beautiful Angelique, is that much of the beauty and truth in life is not in what we see, but often in what we don’t see – but believe.

For ever tear, there are a hundred smiles. For every broken heart, there are a hundred new romances. For every homeless person, there are thousands in comfort and protection. For every cynical and angry thought, there is enough wisdom, to last through the ages. For every hungry child, there are many more, who are fed. For every fist that is thrown in hatred, there are a thousand baseballs thrown in joy. For every needle filled with heroin that goes into someone’s arm, there a thousand – life saving shots given to people, by people who care. For every orphan, there are ten thousand children with parents. And for every wrong, there are a million rights.

If anyone tells you, this isn’t the greatest place in the Universe, you tell them to look for the things they can’t see. Then say, I know about these things, because my Grandfather told me about them once in a letter. He said, they were things it took him a lifetime to learn.

If you find a tear on this page, it was shed with much happiness. I could not have written all these thoughts yesterday, because as true as they are, I couldn’t see them, but today I know how beautiful this world is, because today you were born.

All My Love,

“When a man looks at a mountain,
it makes him feel so small
He spends his days with the knowledge
that he’ll never be as tall
But we don’t have to know all the answers
‘cause dreams don’t ever die
It’s not what you achieve, but how much you believe
‘Cause you win, when you lose, if you try”
Ron Miller
Ron’s career spanned over six decades. His songs have endured and will continue to be rerecorded by every generation. Old songs will become new hits. New (the never-before-heard) songs will be discovered.
“A man gets older, the world turns colder
‘Cause everybody says his work is done
If deep inside him, something is crying to be young
It’s me, just waiting to be sung
I want to come back as a song”
Ron Miller
Ron Miller passed away on July 23, 2007. He received the Motown Heroes and Legends Awards (posthumously) for Lifetime Achievement in Songwriting.

In 2016, Apple Computers picked Ron’s classic song, “Someday at Christmas” to represent it worldwide in its holiday message to the world. Its ninety-second commercial, starring Stevie Wonder could be seen on television all around the world and was featured prominently on the Apple Computers’ homepage throughout the entire month of December. Apple Computers, the largest corporation in the world, chose Ron’s lyrics to speak their sentiment of peace, equality and hope – to the whole world. At the end of the song, Apple simply and poignantly signed, “Love, Apple” after Ron’s words – words he had written over 50 years ago, which still hold true today, now more than ever.